Saturday, November 12, 2011

5 WEEKS in Review (Oct 10-Nov 11, 2011)

Wow it is amazing how fast time gets away from you.  These last 5 weeks have been crazy busy.  Oct 10 was Thanksgiving here in Canada and we celebrated by getting together with family and took some family pictures, at the end of the 5 weeks was Halloween and Remembrance Day.  The rest of the last 5 weeks have been filled with OT assessments, Speech therapy assessments, Eye Exams, Therapist appts, Xrays at the children's hospital for H's leg, babysat my nephew over night, got a new kitten, a ton of extra activities for Girl guides, and a week of hand, foot and mouth disease. We did manage to fit in some school too :) 

All of the testing with the SLP confirmed that while H has progressed he still has a moderate language delay.  The Optometrist and the OT have confirmed he has tracking and convergence issues, and the Optometrist feels there is some visual processing issues too so we have to go do more testing.  His cast is on until mid December and that posed an issue today when we woke up to snow on the ground.  As an 8 yr old he wants to go out and play in that first snow fall, but we can't let the cast get wet.  I did let him out to play for a bit but he says it wasn't very fun because he couldn't do much.  We both can not wait until this cast can be long gone.  As a result of his results with the OT and SLP they have requested that I stop all reading, writing, and spelling lessons with H.  It is making things worse for his eyes and will set him up for failure.  So instead we will be doing sequencing games, clapping out syllables, picture recipes, and other such activities.  He is thrilled with the changes, and thinks school is going to be so much fun now.

Speaking of school, this last 5 weeks we continued working through our explorers unit with the big kids.  They have 4 days left and then it is all done.  We did some more work on the water cycle.  This week I caught H and I pretending to be drops of water on a ride going through the cycle.  He would announce a phase and then they would both act it out.  The 2 younger kids did more in their fall/apples study, as well as 1 about thanksgiving, and 1 about halloween.  We took a day to learn about Terry Fox, and did some worksheets about Remembrance Day.

Over Halloween we had to deal with hand, foot and mouth disease so we could not go to the church party and had to postpone doing the pumpkins until everyone was well.  Instead of carving them for jacklanterns, we roasted them and pureed them and are using them to bake.  They think this was a perfect use for them.

Here are some pictures to highlight the last 5 weeks.

H -Thanksgiving 2011

The Grandparents, my kids and my nephew

I shushing the neighbor's barking dog

Puppet Show H and I were making

Video we watched while learning about Terry Fox

C rock climbing for girl guides

Crown H made for I

C girl guide enrollment

Trying to say the promise correctly

Offically a real girl guide

Pumpkin time

Cousins watching a video together

Nephew teaching I how to play Mario on the DS

Our new Kitty Smoky
Smoky loves to sleep with I
Was asleep until I took the picture
Attempting to take a nice picture
There it is
Look who learned to wink
Nephew coloring pumpkins while I babysat him 
I coloring pumpkin
H coloring pumpkin
C coloring pumpkin
At the optometrist