Monday, February 20, 2012

Sensory Bins and Activity Trays

It's that time again, time to make new sensory bins.  Since lent is just a few days away I decided to make my Easter sensory bins and activity trays while I made the sensory bins for St. Patrick's day.

St. Pat's sensory bin.  Rice, green easter grass, green coins, shamrocks, green pompoms, green ceramic jug, and 1 wooden pails

Easter sensory bin in large easter basket.  Easter grass, green foam eggs, yellow wooden eggs, fuzzy chicks, plastic bunnies and chicks and little baskets

Same as above but different color grass and in wooden bowl

Bunny bowling

New favorite, little hoppers

Pom Pom transfer activity with mini scoop

Pom Pom transfer activity with small tongs

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Budding Thespians

C, H and I decided to create a short play of the Frog Prince.  While I found it hilarious C was not impressed with the improvisation the younger 2 kept including.

Th Prince before he was turned into a frog

Evil witch, she turned H into the Frog

I turning into the Queen after H was turned into the Frog

Frustrated with H and I improvising throughout

Take a bow.  BRAVO!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday at the Science Center

My kids love field trips related to science.  This past Saturday we spent the day in the city at the science center.  Along with the regular exhibits we took in 2 demonstrations (properties of Fire, and how does pop get fizzy) and 2 movies (Big Bird: one world, one sky and Molecularium).  No pictures of them in the forensics exhibit, by then I had a migraine starting.

Fire and Fury Demo

COlored flames as the kids learned about how different chemicals effect the colors of flames

C with the Plasma Ball, always a hit

A playing with the speed and length of Waves

Earth to H, this is Earth calling H

astronaut potty

Demo making homemade pop while learning how it gets fizzy

New addition to the science center, Robothespian.  A fully automated programmable robot

3 big kids programming the robot

I playing with the fart piano

I thought the fart piano was the funniest thing she had ever played with

Friday, February 17, 2012

A typical day of fun at home

We have 2 new fulltime daycare children with us each day.  They do preschool activities with I and otherwise they along with H and I have fun all day long.  These pics were taken in the course of 1 afternoon here. Along with a picture of a craft done another day.
I using the blocks and counting bugs

Our 2 new kids helping build a fort

H in the fort

I needed a picture in the fort too

I and daycare girl using colored pasta to make a flower picture