Friday, August 31, 2012

Telephone Museum

It was our first field trip of the new school year today.  We walked down to main street to visit the Telephone Museum.  It is set up to look like an old house with telephones from different eras all over.  In the front lobby there is an old phone booth and operator board.  The best part is it is greatly hands on.

Following the museum we went for a walk around town stopping at this archway for pictures and then on to the piece of heavy artillery on display to honour the veterans. 

As we continued our walk home we came across a fire truck parked in front of a house, the firemen were working on a patient on the front lawn where he apparently collapsed, my guess is heart attack.  As we walked past we heard the ambulance approaching.  No pictures of that since I felt it would be disrespectful. 

All in all a very successful 1st field trip of the year right here in our own little town.


  1. Love the telephones! That switchboard brings me back to the late 80's and early 90's when I worked for an answering service that had one of those switchboards. When it was busy, it was crazy to have all the cords going every which way, but I did it!

  2. The telephone museum looks fascinating. I love musuems, and the more eclectic or specialized, the better.