Sunday, September 9, 2012

Week in Review week 1 2012-2013

 Every year I start posting weekly reviews and then life gets too busy. Following that pattern here we are again this year.

This first week was different from other years in that I only had my 2 oldest kids home.  The youngers were on a trip to Disneyland with Uncle R and Aunty TL.  As well since we started the day after Labour Day it was only a 4 day week.  We did a half schedule this week and will do so again next week and then onto full schedule starting week 3.

This week I sat in H's online lit class.  It is a parent and child class and though he was on a trip we still needed his homework assignment and to make sure the mic worked etc.  A and C also began their online classes.  They had their first class in both Introduction to the Great Books and Classical Poetry.  They are beginning their study in Introduction to the great books by reading the Hobbit.  This week the first 8 chapters are to be read and ready to discuss in the next class period.  In Classical poetry they are to read the poems assigned as well as the page posted by the teacher about similes and metaphors again ready to discuss and work with for the next class period.

Aside from the online classes the two of them were busy with the basics.  This term math and composition are the key subjects as I am trying to catch them up and solidify their skills in those 2 things.  In math they completed 2 lessons on Khan Academy, 1 chapter in MUS Delta and 2 lessons in jump Math fractions.  They each completed 4 lessons in Meaningful Composition. 

We began our new geography program "Mapping the World with Art".  The first unit focused on ancient maps, specifically Mesopotamia.  This is a map they are comfortable with already thanks to past study of ancient life there.  They did the reading, and drew the map.  We will be baking the edible babalonian map next class as I had run out of cocoa. 

They are enjoying their new science curriculum as well.  They completed 1/2 of chapter 1 in Apologia Physical science.  No lab this week due to the shortened week though.

Of course the usual other topics such as grammar, spelling, penmanship, bible etc were also covered.

I have recently joined  It is great fun to have postcards, letters and parcels arrive from around the world.  This week a parcel with candy from Finland arrived and was greatly enjoyed by all 3 of us.

A and C also learned to bathe the dog without my assistance this week.  Both kids and the bathroom were absolutely soaked at the end, but at least the dog was clean again.

Excited to leave for Disneyland!

Leaving me to head to Disneyland, plane left very early the next morning

Candy from Finland! So yummy!

A created a separate desk space for himself by setting up one of our folding tables
A's map of Mesopotamia


  1. Love it! Reading about your homeschooling days is getting me motivated to start. :)

  2. I really enjoyed reading your posts and I love your attitude to homeschooling - it looks like you make learning fun. Your kids are really lucky!
    (Washi - Swapbot)