Friday, August 2, 2013

Curriculum Plans 2013-2014

With the new school year starting up August 12th I thought I would share what we are going to be doing this year. Student A and Student C Both are registered in 9th grade this coming year, however they will be doing a combination of remial courses and 10th grade classes. High School here does not start until 10th grade, however homeschooled students can start earning their credits in junior high and they get submitted for their transcript when they register in 10th. This gives them a chance to spread that course load out over a few extra years. Their upcoming year reflects this.

Character Education A and C will be joinging the younger children using Konos Vol 1. The character traits being covered this year will be Attentiveness, Obedience, and Trust.

English some of these had been scheduled last year but had been put aside while we focused on other things so they are back on the list along with new stuff
Composition: Meaningful Composition 4+ (II) and 5 (I)
: Writing with Ease
: Copy work Grammar: Rod & Staff English 5
Poetry: Music of the hemispheres
Penmanship: Handwriting without tears
Vocabulary/Spelling: Rod & Staff spelling with sound and structure
Literature: Learning Language Arts through Literature Green book
: Online literature classes with Wisdom

Math MUS Epsilon & Zeta Student C will also work through MUS prealgebra Games/drill

Science Both students will be working on their science 10 credits using the following programs: Apologia Physical Science Ellen McHenry's The Elements, Carbon Chemistry, Cells and The Brain Apologia elementary anatomy & Physiology home made forensic science unit.

They will have 2 science periods per day one being physical science, the other one of the other units

History/Geography Both will continue working through early modern Canadian and American history using Time Travelers cd-roms and Modern History through Canadian eyes, along with an abundance of living books. For geography they will continue working through Mapping the world with art

Bible Both will be working through Sonlight bible 110 as well as doing a topical study of the psalms Logic Traditional Logic by memoria press

Art Artist study lapbook artistic pursuits interesting methods such as soap stone carving, and other media not taught in artistic pursuits

Foreign Language
French- (both) Mission Monde (I) & (II)
Greek- (both) Hey Andrew teach me some greek level 1
Latin- (C only) Online class with Wisdom

Electives Most of these are online classes with alberta distance learning center and each is worth 1 alberta high school credit (a credit here is given for every 25 hours of classtime to understand how that works)

Keyboarding- program TBD
Word processing 1 - adlc
Data processing 1 - adlc
Digital presentations - adlc
Food Basics - adlc
Contemporary Baking - adlc
Snacks and appetizers - adlc
Meal Planning - adlc
Canadian Heritage foods - TBD
Introduction to agriculture - adlc
Agriculture safety - adlc
Workplace safety (A only, C already completed this one) - adlc
Word Processing 2 - adlc
Data processing 2 - adlc
Introduction to animal basics - TBD
Companion animals - TBD
Engine fundamentals - adlc
Farm to Table - TBD
Food and nutrition basics - adlc
Cake & pastry - adlc
Milk products & eggs - adlc
Equine 1 & Equine 2- C only using history of the horse, studying anatomy and physiology of horses in conjunction with the practical experience she has been getting.

C.A.L.M. 20 (Career and Life management) a required course for high school graduation
PE 20- outcomes to be covered by cadets, TKD, ski club and a variety of indoor and outdoor physical pursuits in addition to discussion and research of health issues.

Student H is registered in 4th grade next year, however he struggles with multiple learning disabilities which means he is actually working at closer to a 2nd grade level across the board

Character Education H will be using Konos Vol 1 focusing on attentiveness, trust and obedience

Language Arts
Reading - all about reading; finish 1 and do 2
Writing - Writing with ease 1
Spelling- All about spelling; finish 1 and do 2 then switch to R&S spelling 2 Grammar - R&S english 2
Read aloud - konos recommended titles
Penmanship- Handwriting without tears 2
Other - copy work, bob books, learning language arts through literature - red book

MUS beta
BUILD math centers

This will be covered by konos vol 1 however H is always welcome to join A & C in their science studies whenever he wants to

These will be covered by konos vol 1

Bible Study
konos vol 1
101 favorite bible stories
Christian studies 1

Art Artistic pursuits artist study lapbook

Foreign Language
Latin - Latina Christiana 1
French - Mission Monde ABC

Student I will be officially registered for the first time this year as a 1st grader. She recently began reading basic bob books and is always complaining that I have not done enough school with her so we will see how the upcoming year goes with her.

Character Development
Like the 3 older kids I will be working through Konos vol 1 focusing on attentiveness, obedience and trust

Mathematical reasoning beginning book 2(finish the 2nd half of this book)
MUS alpha
BUILD math centers

Language Arts
All about reading pre-level 1 and level 1
Handwriting without tears K(finish) & 1
Read alouds from konos vol 1
Learning Language arts through literature - blue book
Writing with ease 1

Konos vol 1

Konos vol 1

Foreign Language
French - mission monde ABC

So there you have it, the curriculum picks for the coming school year. OF course things may change, get dropped, new things starting, etc. We are hoping for a full but fun school year this year.

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