Saturday, August 31, 2013

Week in Review August 26-30th, 2013

We have completed our 1st week of the 2013-2014 school year. This week was a school lite week, slowly easing us back into routine. The public schools did not resume until Thursday and we had 1 babysitting girl here all day everyday a
nd she
didn't like that I wanted my kids to do school when she felt it was still summer holidays and that posed it's ow
 n issues as well. Now that she is back in school too it certainly makes it easier.

What we did:

In Konos this week we are working on frontiersmen/tracking as part of the attentiveness character trait. We read a couple chapters out of our Daniel Boone book, added him to the timeline, practiced using compasses and sewed possibles bags.



In Language Arts H did lesson 5 in R&S2, Language lessons for little ones red, All about reading, All about spelling, Writing with Ease and Handwriting without tears. He only did one lesson in each total for the week rather than 1 a day, but he did well with each one. I did Language lessons for little ones book 1 (3 lessons), learning language lessons through literature blue book(2 days), All about reading (3 days), and Handwriting without tears (2 days). SHe is very much enjoying being in 1st grade this year.

English 10, this week A worked ahead on his reading for his Lord of the Rings literature class. Both C and A watched lecture 1 on the Teaching Company dvd of The Iliad.

In Science H and I completeed 2 weeks worth from the SL science K they did not finish last year. We read aloud from Apologia Botany. And all 4 added entries to their nature journals

In Math A and C each completed 2 chapters in MUS delta. They are still playing catchup in their math skills. H finished chapter 2 in MUS beta, and I did 12 pages from Mathematical reasoning beginning book 2.

In PE we tried out the new weighted hula hoop that arrived. It is both harder and easier to use than a cheap one from the dollar store. A loves this thing and tries to hoop with his arms, his neck and his waist several times a day.

In nature study we watched the woodpeckers that visited our street one morning, and a a large orb garden spider wrapping up a bee it caught in its web. I wanted me to see it through her eye spy toy.

Morning basket has actually become evening basket instead. The kids have been practicing their hand bells daily. They are currently learning "He's got the whole world in his hands" and "Jingle Bells". We did readings from "101 favorite bible stories"; "Classics to read aloud to your child"; "Tales from Shakespeare"; "The Harp and Laurel Wreath"; "Nature Reader vol 1"; "The Blue Fairy Book"; "Plutarch for Boys and Girls"; "They broke the law, you be the judge"; "Wilds of Whip-poor will farm"; and "Young folks library vol 1" Basket time is quickly becoming the favorite time of our day.

Other things that happened this week. I caught C teaching I how to play pokemon, I love catching this moments of sisterly love.

I had her very first job interview, at the public library for the position of page. It will be a couple weeks before she finds out if she got it.

I had a dentist appointment for a cleaning and check up. We have to take her to the city to have some tiny cavities between her back molars filled. We go there so she can have the laughing gas and get it all done at once.

We were blessed with the bounty of other people's harvests. I made 12 quarts of pickled beets with the amount we were given, 6 spaghetti squash, 2 bags of apples (to be turned into sauce)and 2 bags of cukes (to be turned into pickles). Tomorrow we are heading to another home to pick more apples, and then I can start on the sauce and we are being given fresh dill so I can start making the pickles. I love canning and having those jars up on the shelf.

Lastly I got a new job, writing study guides for a well known lapbook company. Due to the confidentiality agreement I signed I can't say anything else, other than it is like a dream come true to get to write these. I love spending time each evening when the kids are asleep working on researching and writing.


  1. Hula hoop!!! Looks like a great first week :)

  2. Great week! Good luck on the job my daughter was a volunteer one summer and loved it