Saturday, September 14, 2013

Week in Review Sept 9-14, 2013

Wow another week has blown by. This week marked the return of extracurriculars and of online classes.

Monday was I's first night in sparks (the youngest level of girl guides of Canada) and the parent meeting outlining the new year. We already got the paperwork for her first daycamp of the year to take place on sept 28th.

Tuesday C was in her online latin class from 845-945am, normally she will have this class every Tuesday and Thursday at that time slot but this week there was no Thursday class because it was orientation week.

Tuesday evening A and C returned to cadets. Both were chosen to participate in the Army cadet challenge the weekend of Sept 27-29/13. They are also both going to be going in every Monday afternoon for range practice as they try out for the new shooting competition team.

Wednesday morning marked the start of A's online lit class "Lord of the Rings". His homework this week is the first 5 chapters of the Hobbit. In the afternoon both A and C had their lit class "Modern Classics" homework this week is the first 13 chapters of Oliver Twist.

Thursday was the return of kids church for H and I, Youth group for A and C and Adult bible study for myself. Kids church has new teachers but it looks like it will be a great year.

Friday all 4 kids started in kuk sool won. H and I went for the 1st hour block for the children's class. They are 2 of 6 students so a nice small class. A and C are in the adult class that follows the children's class. There is 1 other adult in the class so they get a lot of 1-on-1 instruction. All 4 loved what they learned already and can't wait for next week.

Around all of that we also did school:

In Konos this week they continued their study of Frontiersmen, specifically Daniel Boone and also did a study of predator and prey. They:
*read several more chapters of our Daniel Boone book
*discussed the difference betwenn carnivore and herbivore
*discussed what a predator is and what prey is and how an animal could be both
*discussed methods in which different animals protect themselves from predators (quills, claws, shell, teeth, playing dead etc)
*Played Top Trumps Predator card game
*searched for signs of beavers by the trout pond in the provincial park
*discussed how animals/insects use camoflage to hide
*searched for critters hiding using camoflage
*used tye dye to make their own camoflage t-shirts
*went to store to examine various animal traps
*studied a rat trap up close to see how it works to trap the rodent
*Discussed how mountainmen make markers to signal where they went/have been, and made their own signs with sticks and rocks
*learned how a polar bear hides it's nose when it is hunting so that it can be "invisible" on the ice.

In math
A & C did another unit in MUS Delta, unit 12 for A, unit 15 for C. H completed unit 3 in MUS beta, and I did 18 pages in mathematical reasoning beginning book 2.

In Language arts
H & I did 4 days in learning language arts through literature
I did 4 lessons in language lessons for little ones
H did 2 lessons in R&S 2
Both did 4 days in HWOT, AAR and H did 4 days in AAS
Both did 1 week worth in WWE 1

In English the teens focused on their online lit classes today and C finished off week 9 in meaningful composition book 4+. Both completed some cursive practice.

In Science we read from Apologia elementary Botany book and documented in the nature journals the midrib and veins of leaves. The kids examined a horned tomato worm, grasshoppers and the holes drilled by woodpeckers. The teens completed another reading selection from Apologia physical science and will be doing another lab later this afternoon to catch up on missed work from this week.

The teens continued to work towards their physical fitness goals they set last week and spent time running lines, doing crunches and push ups and today added in practicing their rolls from kuk sool won.

Friday we decided to enjoy the beautiful day and freedom we have as homeschoolers and went for a picnic lunch in the provincial park. We pulled out our books and got quite a lot of school work completed including much of the konos listed above that needed to be done in the great outdoors. Climbing trees, exploring for nature signs, and playing with the dogs were the highlights of our afternoon.

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  1. Looks like a great week! Lord of the Rings class sounds fun - I'd love that for myself!