Friday, September 6, 2013

Week in Review Sept 3-Sept 7, 2013

This was a busy week, but short academically speaking. Monday was Labor day and my children were out of town with relatives celebrating my Brother's birthday. They did not come home until mid-Tuesday. Although I was babysitting on Monday I still spent a lot of time working on the canning for the winter.
A tree in my backyard grew fruit for the first time this year, turns out they were cherry plums

I picked 2 large bowls of the cherry plums and used them to make plum sauce for the first time, which I actually messed up using the wrong vinegar in them, but just for cooking it should be just fine

And then I picked all the green tomatoes from my garden because they were starting to get damaged

I made apple sauce (and apple butter not seen here)
Dill Pickles

Sliced peaches and pears in syrup

Wednesday we started up with school work again. The kids were not very happy with that, they wanted summer vacation to extend further, especially after their fun weekend with family. But work they did.

In Konos this week H and I continued their study of frontiersmen. They
*practiced using a compass
*studied longtitude and latitude on the globe
*read more about Daniel Boone and about maps and globes
*they made a plaster cast of a paw print
*made and tried dandelion tea
*boiled and then aerated water while learning how to purify it
*they discussed predators that do not have sharp teeth and claws (technically predator/prey is not for another week but they were curious)
*They learned who Kit Carson was

H using Sawyer's paw to make a track print in sand
I pouring in the plaster to make the cast of the track

waiting for the plaster to dry
Now dry the completed plaster track

H and I working on their maps of the neighborhood
H and I studying latitude and longitude on the globe
tasting their dandelion tea
aerating the water they boiled to purify it

They love doing Konos

In Language Arts H & I each
*completed 3 days in their Learning Language Arts through Literature books
*Did 3 lessons in AAR
*H did 3 lessons in AAS
*H did 2 lessons in R&S2
*I did 3 lessons in language lessons for little ones
*I did week 1 and H did week 6 in Writing with Ease book 1(H had started this last year but we had to put it aside due to his LD, he is much better prepared for it this year)
*and both did 3 lessons in HWOT
I decided her baby dolls had to help her clap out the syllables in LA

The Teens only completed 1 day worth of English

*1 lesson in R&S 5
*1 pretest in R&S spelling
*1 lesson in LLATL green
*and 1 lesson in meaningful composition

In Science the teens worked on module 2 "AIR" in Physical Science. They completed exp 2.2 exploring oxygen and fire, and then read the next section of the module taking notes and doing the "On your own" section.
A adding yeast to the hydrogen peroxide in the bottle. Then they added a balloon to the top and put it aside to inflate on its own with the excess oxygen
A gently shaking to mix in the yeast before putting on the balloon
While the balloon filled up they lit this candle, covered it with a jar and noted what happened
Then when the candle went out, they relit it, gently released the oxygen from the balloon into the tilted jar and again noted the changes

The Teens studied "What is government" and began a world governments lapbook in civics this week, and did a review worksheet labelling the continents and oceans in geography.

In History the teens
*read chapter 2 in First History of Canada
*read Life of the Powhatan
*read Pages 20-25 in Spirit of Canada
*completed the Sioux Indians history pocket
C working on a mini book for her history pocket

Math this week

*I completed 15 pages in mathematical reasoning beginning book 2
*H worked on lesson 3 in MUS beta
*C and A both completed 1 lesson each in MUS delta

In PE the kids practiced with the new weighted hula hoop and I discussed goal setting with both A and C, and then they came up with their short and long term fitness goals.

A using weighted hula hoop

C using the weighted hula hoop

*I began work on an Evan Moor pocket called "One of a kind" which is all about her
*Both H and I completed back to school lapbooks
*C began working on her food basics online class
*A continued working on his workplace safety online class
*Both A and C read and discussed chapter 1 of the driver's handbook

All in all despite the late start to the school week, and A's mood issues we had a fairly productive week. I also learned I got the diner job so I will be starting that fairly soon, and my morning babysitting girl no longer comes here, her dad has come back for the fall/winter.


  1. Fun week - love the paw print project!

    Great job with all the canning!

    1. Thank you :) I posted a picture of the completed paw print now that the plaster is fully dry. They really enjoyed making it, though I think they are enjoying eating the food I canned more :)

  2. The garden bounty looks delicious!