Friday, September 2, 2011

Weekly Report Aug 29-Sept 2, 2011, Grade 6 & 7

This was a very short week for us.  Big news of the week for the older kids is that A turned 13 on Thursday!!  Monday I needed to focus on getting things done around here, and Thursday we were out of the house most of the day so that left us with a 3 day school week.  The kids really worked hard during those 3 days so there is actually still a fair amount to report.

History:  The oldest 2 kids continued working through History Pockets: Explorers of North America, and through Time Travelers: New World Explorers this week.  They covered Sir Francis Drake in the history pockets.  And they did lessons 14-17 in the Time Travelers covering Coronado & Drake- they made the pueblo below; Cabrillo & Ribaut and Raleigh & Smith.

Bible: The kids read through Psalms 2 &3 and then we broke them down verse by verse and discussed their meanings.  They also finished up chapter 1 in Christian Studies 1.

Grammar: We are continued through Grammar Island finishing up at page 75.  The kids love this book and actually ask to do grammar since we switch to it.

History of the Horse: This literature based program was chosen by C because she loves horses.  This week we continued reading King of the Wind and doing the applicable assignments.  We did lessons 8-10 this week.

Logic: the kids have been working through the puzzle book Logic Links.  This week they finished puzzles

Math: The kids are continuing to work through their horizons 3 books.  Despite the books being several grade levels behind the rest of their course work they still struggle with some concepts.  This week A did lessons 64-67.  C did lessons 70-72 as well as wrote a test.  She scored 100% on her test.

Penmanship- the kids each did 3 pages in their respective handwriting without tears books.

Read-Alouds: I continued reading to them from The Secret of the Andes, The Birch Bark House, The Tree in the Trail, Wild West and Vostaas:White Buffalo's Story of the Plains Indian Life

Assigned Reading: The kids finished reading A Lion to Guard Us, and began Pedro's Journal

Spelling: A did a couple review pages and scored 100% on his spelling test in Spelling Workout.  C is working through All About Spelling and completed steps 3 & 4.  She absolutely loves spelling this year.

Writing: They are using Meaningful Composition 4+ semester 1, and completed all of week 1 and the first 2 days of week 2.  They also completed weeks 9 & 10 in writing with Ease 2. 

Victory Drill: The kids love doing these 1 minute drills.  They did them twice this week.

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