Friday, September 2, 2011

Weekly Report Aug 29-Sept 2, 2011, Grade 2 & Pre-k

We had a little guy with us for the week.  I babysit out of my home which means sometimes we have little ones with us when we do school.  This week was Baby C.  You will never find a picture of the face of the little ones I watch but you will see them on my reports from time to time.

Like the big kids H only had a 3 day school week.  Thursday was a big day for him.  He got his cast off! his leg did not heal quite right and is now bowed and shorter than his other leg, so we have a lot of work to do to get him fully rehabilitated.  Ignore all date stamps on the photos, I really need to actually set it properly on my camera.

During his school time we have been having fun with a theme of Disney Cars.  Because his birthday was on Sunday and I knew he was getting the cast off we wanted a fun week.  He worked through the activities in the Cars themed preschool pack from 1+1+1=1.  While many of the activities were too young for him, some of them were just right.  We also read several books from the library on his theme.

I's Theme this week has been Princesses. She has been working through the preschool pack and Tot book from 1+1+1=1 and homeschool creations.  As well as having me read her many princess books from the library.

History/Read-Alouds: We continued working through Sonlight core A.  H finished up week 9 and began week 10. He is really loving his Sonlight core this year. We spent a lot of time reading books from the library as well with H and I.

Bible:  I read 3 stories from the book 101 Bible Stories to H and I

 Math: Math is really starting to click for H, and he worked through 12 lessons in his horizons K book.  I think he will finish this one up quickly now that he is starting to "get it" and will progress up to grade level very quickly.  I started her book Mathematical Reasoning book 1, and completed 5 lessons.  She is always asking to do more in it.  Math seems to come naturally to her and she is loving having her own book like the big kids.

 Penmanship: Both kids did 3 pages in their respective Handwriting without tears books.

Phonics: I did 2 pages in Jolly Phonics, focusing on letters A and S.  H did lessons 52 and 53 in OPGTR.  He is really struggling with lesson 53 so we will be spending extra time on this one.  H also completed 6 pages in explode the Code book B.

Spelling: H started All about spelling this week and completed steps 1 and 1/2 of step 2.

Writing: H completed week 1 of writing with ease level 1.

Sonlight P3/4: I listened to the story Baby dear and loved to play with her dolls and the real baby as a follow up.  She also listened to Baby looks and we played many many games of I spy as a follow up to that one.

The kids had a very busy week with the trip to get the cast off (1.5 hours away from home), 2 birthdays this week and the baby to watch.  I am very pleased with the amount of work they completed on the remaining 3 school days.

The million Minute Challenge began yesterday as well so today once the baby goes home we are breaking out the board games and starting up our tally.  It will be a fabulous way to wrap up the week.

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