Saturday, September 17, 2011

Weekly Report Sept 12-16 , 2011

This week was a much better week for school work to be completed.  The A and C focused on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11.  They worked through the first 5 days of the 9/11 lapbook from Hands of a Child.  They watched 3 videos: Heroes of the 88th Floor, Flight 175 (both from TLC) and Flight 93.  In addition to the lapbook pieces and the videos they read the following 2 books.  They have another week to go of this topic to complete the lapbook and other reading.

They completed 4 lessons in their Horizons math books. 

A working on his Math

 C also worked through Chapters 1-3 of Preparing your Hope Chest.  We had found her a beautiful hope chest in an antique shop this past spring, and picked up her new sewing basket this summer.  She is very excited about beginning her actual learning in this book.

All the kids enjoyed making wooden spoon puppets this week.

Kit contents

A and I working hard

H working on his, C took a break to talk to Uncle long distance for a few minutes

Completed puppets
 The little kids started their new topic this week.  They have begun their fall studies of Apples/Harvest/Autumn and Johnny Appleseed.  The books we read and the resource books we are using are below.  We also copied an autumn poem into H's main lesson book and he decorated the page.  He also drew an apple life cycle into his main lesson book.

H also started working on his Johnny Appleseed Lapbook from Homeschool Share.  In addition to the new theme I finished off a couple pages from her Princess lapbook and we assembled it.

H had a break through in OPGTR and finally finished lesson 53.  Onto the 54 and the new section next week.

In addition to our new theme they enjoyed watching the 2 new Leap frog videos we picked up this week.  Numbers Ahoy and Alphabet Amusement Park .  They watched these videos over and over this week.  The fall shapes lacing cards were also a big hit.

For Physical activity this week the kids were riding bikes.  Even H with his broken leg got in on it.  He is allowed to ride bikes per his Dr because it is non-weight bearing and helps strengthen his leg.  As long as he wants to ride we permit him to, though it seems crazy to see him on a bike with a big air cast.

Lastly, this week marked the start of Girl Guides for C and for 4-H MultiClub for A and C, and kids church/youth group for all 4 kids as well as my bible study.  We also completed the registrations for the rest of their extra curriculars.  It looks like this year A, C and I will be in cross country skiing, when H's cast comes off he and I will join as well, A will be is Scouts, H in Cubs, C in Guides, A& C will be in 3 different 4-H clubs, all 4 in kids church/youth group and possibly A & C in Tae Kwon Do but we will see about that.  It will be a very full fall/winter, but everything will begin to taper off in March/April and then we will be ready to take it easy for the spring.


  1. I got to watch some of the 9/11 documentaries and all I could do was cry. I love to hear about hope chest. I don't have any girls so I don't think I will have that experience unless God has other plans. Looks like you had a great week.

  2. What a fun week. I love the wooden spoon puppets!!