Sunday, January 22, 2012

2 Months since the last post! Oh my!

Oh my goodness how is it that so much time has passed since I have last updated my blog?  Time for some recapping.  I will break these down into smaller posts to make it easier on everyone.  After the last post we continued to do school up until Dec 16, 2011.  We had planned to go for another week but on the way to the city on Dec 17th our transmission blew and we were out of luck stranded.  We stayed at my folks for the week and my father came to the rescue and bought us a new car.  By then it was xmas and we stayed at my folks to celebrate. We had great fun checking out xmas lights at a house near where we used to live and at a Christmas party put on by Uncles and Aunts at large.  The big kids then left on boxing day to stay with their father for the week.  That was the first time they have had overnights with him and let's just say it definitely was an interesting time for them and will need a while for me to adjust to this new way of parenting. 

Update from January 1st until today to follow in next post.

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