Saturday, January 28, 2012

Harry Potter Science Day

By far the coolest science event we have ever attended was Harry Potter science day.  Hosted by the University in the city 2 hours away, the kids were suddenly transported to Hogwarts.

The sorting Hat putting I into Slytherin

C was placed in Griffindor

H was a Hufflepuff

A was a Slytherin

First Class Potions.  Using a cabbage juice indicator the kids determined acids and bases

Owlery class.  They created homemade magnets to determine north while learning how Owls use the poles to determine directionality.

Care of Magical Creatures 1 involved learning about real live animals.  This Macaw was waving hello.

Defense against the dark arts, the children had to learn who put Harry's name into the Goblet of Fire.  They did finger print analysis and chromotography

A doing chromotography

H listening to instructions

C ready to solve the mystery

Other courses completed Muggle studies.  In that test tube is the DNA extracted while they learned about dominant and recessive genes as well as the mutations that can create a magical child from 2 muggles

Care of Magical creatures II taughts about how modern day animals led to the myths of magical creatures.  THe horn of a Narwhal led to tales of unicorns, an elephant skull gave way to cyclops stories etc.  In Herbology the kids made their own tea bags and secret messages

At the end of the day each child was awarded a diploma from Hogwarts as well as a sticker and Harry Potter trading card.

When we arrived, each child was given a marauders map to guide them through each class. When they completed 1 they got a stamp, after 6 stamps they could graduate.

A's secret message from herbology class.

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