Sunday, January 22, 2012

New learning space

I decided to move furniture around and make our learning space work for us better. Here is the new set up.
We still do school around the kitchen table but needed a bit better way to be organized.

Behind the sofa these are the school books currently being used by all 4 kids

Toy shelf, has regular toys plus educational ones

My desk (ignore the mess).  I moved it from the kitchen into here.

This cabinet holds construction paper, all coloring, writing, cutting etc tools needed, science kits, estra supplies, trays etc

Kitchen wall, this is one location I showcase art work, I have tacked up a cardboard strip with paper clips to hang pictures and not ruin the wall.  This is where the calendar corner is.  That chalkboard is propped ont eh garbage can for the picture I only pull it out when needed.

Our AAS white board under the kitchen window.

Big white board on wall opposite the one that had the calendar on it.

These shoeboxes are kept on a shelf in the front entrance.  They hold a portion of our math and language arts manips.

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