Sunday, January 22, 2012

Update continues...January 1-22/2012

The New year started full throttle, the big kids came home from their dad's house, I started watching a new full time child. We have been adjusting to the changes of having a very active 2 year old in the house while we try to accomplish our school work.  We found a new "hidey hole" to hang out in when it is not too cold.  It is the trout shack at the trout pond in the provincial park in the next town over.  It has space for the kids to run and play, tables to use, and a wood stove for heat.  They loved it here.  In the last few weeks I have created a new color matchinig game for the 2 yr old, taken the kids to appts with Dr's and therapists.  Talked with a psychiatrist for well over an hour in preparation for A beginning neurofeedback.  We paintewd sun catchers and made tamborines, and finished our study of the water cycle with a couple experiement kits.  THe kids loved launching the pop bottle rocket from the mythbusters water cycle kit. H did an experiment of changing the color of the carnations with colored water.  Much fun has been had by all these first 3 weeks of the new year.

Home made "marbles" science kit

First 4 "marbles" he made

Webkinz movie maker has taken this boy to barely sounding out cvc words to actually being able to read (though no fluently yet)

Holy cow that shoots off fast, I thought I was going to get hit by it

A trying his hand at launching


set up again ready for launch

See that thing by the eves, yup that is our rocket

water filtration set

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